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POSH –  54'

“This is one of the prettiest boats I have ever seen.”

– Feadship CEO Henk de Vries

Inspired by the legendary designs of John L. Hacker
we are building the most elegant modern-classic commuter yachts in the world,
blending the timeless art deco designs of the 1930s with today’s yacht building techniques,
unmatched craftsmanship, superyacht technology and bespoke amenities
from the world’s leading luxury brands.

In the Beginning...

John Ludwig Hacker is widely considered to be the greatest American powerboat designer of the 20th century. The hull shapes he developed were derived from lessons he learned designing floats for the Wright Brothers’ airplane in 1911 and boats which claimed more than twenty world speed records. The number of speed records he set in his era exceeded those of all other designers combined.

Hacker designed three very special boats, each built by Huskins Boat Works in Bay City, Michigan. These three American icons, considered the Triple Crown of the golden age, survive today.




The Triple Crown of Maritime Treasures


  • 1936 44-Foot Commuter
  • Built for $65,000
  • Built for Jules Stein of MCA
  • Once owned by Guy Lombardo, who performed with her before 8 million people at Jones Beach
  • Now owned by F. Todd Warner


  • 1937 52-Foot Commuter
  • Built for $75,000
  • Built for Cinema Magnate Joseph Cooper
  • Featured on October 1937 cover of Rudder Magazine
  • Now owned by F. Todd Warner


  • 1938 55-Foot Commuter
  • Built for $87,000
  • Built for Bon Vivant George Whitell
  • Owned by William Harrah & Buzz Gibbs
  • Pride of Lake Tahoe Thunderbird Lodge

Improving on a Masterpiece

POSH (originally christened WeeJoe II) was designed by world-famous naval architect John Hacker. POSH’s hull shape was derived from lessons Hacker learned designing floats for the Wright Brothers’ airplane in 1911 and designing boats which claimed more than twenty world speed records.

“Many a vintage car, fine watch or classic yacht has been ‘re-invented’ by generations of enthusiasts or entrepreneurs, with degrees of success varying from ‘Right on...’ to ‘Oh, no!’. Certainly there is demand among yachtsmen for pedigreed classics, not unlike the demand in other circles for the Bugatti Veyron, a Falcon Concept Tenor a multimillion-dollar Patek Philippe 24-function ‘Supercomplication’ wristwatch. There are plenty of ways to miss the target when attempting to re-create a genuine classic. But there is only one way to hit the bullseye.

“I would not have agreed to be part of this formidable undertaking were it not for the credentials of Todd Warner and Steve White, president of Brooklin Boat Yard in Brooklin, Maine. These are the marksmen.”

Bill Prince

“The ‘Dream Team’ is building exquisite 54-foot yachts unlike anything the world has seen in more than seven decades. They are absolutely stunning, with all-varnished hulls and styling from a gentler era when we didn’t know enough to number our wars. They are incredibly rare. And they will attract attention wherever they go.

“She is ‘bespoke’ in the same way a pair of shoes from John Lobb or a classic shotgun from Purdy are created specifi cally for each client. When a Riva Aquarama speedboat sells for a million dollars, a classic Ferrari for several million, and a Patek Phillipe watch for a million, well, it’s clear there are folks who want the very best.

“She is an instant collectible, as well suited to a discerning private owner as she is being the tender for a megayacht or the star of a boutique luxury resort on the water.”

Chris Caswell
Yachting Magazine
Senior Contributing Editor

“We are building the most elegant boats in the world."

– POSH Owner F. Todd Warner