BPYD is a full service design firm committed to precise engineering in:


Directed by a degreed engineer with experience designing vessels in aluminum, fiberglass and advanced composites, BPYD can design complex structures using the best practices for each material and builder.


BPYD is a consistent innovator within the yachting industry, always focused on creating strong, light structures with the ideal weight distribution, maximizing the seaworthiness and performance of every vessel.


Whether calculating the weight of each layer of laminate in every bulkhead of a high-performance powerboat or fine tuning the stability curve of a large offshore sailing yacht, BPYD provides world-class engineering and technical support for every type of vessel from 20 to 200 feet.

Class-Leading Naval Architecture

“BPYD has truly been fantastic to work with. Their work is always accurate, comprehensive and professional. The quality of their design detail and deliverables has far exceeded industry standard, which has made our life as a manufacturer significantly easier."

– Duer High Performance Composites
President Chris Duer

Advanced Structural Analysis

Class-Leading Naval Architecture

Pursuit Stability

Class-Leading Naval Architecture

Complete Structural Design - Composites

Complete Structural Design - Aluminum

Complete Structural Design - Aluminum

Deck Structural Grid

3D Plate Expansion

Advanced Carbon Fiber Engineering

Advanced Carbon Fiber Engineering

State-of-the-Art Propulsion Design

Precise Systems Design

Steering Details

Rudder Construction

Windlass Details

Pillar Details

World's Largest Electric-Powered Yacht - 81 ft

Sophisticated Surface Development

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Intricate Weight Study Calculations

Propeller Pocket Design

Sole Details

Galley Cabinetry Construction

Hatch Lamination Details

Naval Architecture + Award Winning Design  =Elegant Engineering